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b-sides vol.1

a thing gets no chance,
although it deserves it most,
but the judge is blind.

some of my “b-sides” below


there once was a kiss.
grave for me yet fun for you.
it was just a kiss.

unpublished because of the hope that it was not the truth.


after several years of not blooming my orchid showed its beauty over night. unpublished because the photo was not actually shot in the nature. still, it was a sign to me.

open circle

sow tick, grow tock, blow.
life — it is so beautiful!
wilt tick, rot tock, gone.


living a lie

unable to feel,
emotion feigned by logic.
self-delusion works.

unpublished because it just sounds strange to me.

[no title]

unpublished in favour of other photos of the alps.


a decade-long relation ends.
people you have known for long,
you even thought of them as friends.
they choose their side, take a stand.
always having own opinions,
they decided beforehand!

some say “too bad“,
and have nothing to add.
some say “all right“,
our future will be bright“.
some rejoice “finally“,
even hoped for it privately.

some of them used you,
and now named the cuckoo.
some of them sat tight,
and took their chance tonight.
without a single doubt,
you no longer care about.

but there is that one,
who listens to your views,
whose only side is none,
who accepts all your tears,
who invites you, too.
a true friend all these years!

unpublished because i thought it is way too personal. it was dedicated to my friends n. and c. who were the only ones who wanted to maintain a friendship after my relationship ended.

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